Kay Gilmour is a highly successful coach who helps women over 40 transform their lives from stuck to living a life of passion and abundance. Formerly a Marketing Director, Kay left her salary behind and followed her lifelong passion, retraining as a life coach and starting an international business supporting people from all walks of life in many different countries. Kay is also a motivational speaker, helping audiences change up their lives, their relationships, their careers, their health and their finances through her Empowering Invincible Living Programme.

Reinventing Your Life over 40

When we reach 40 we are very likely to have the same length of life to live over.  Just imagine, a second chance to make the next 40 years of your life exceptional.  Reinventing your life at any age is always an option but when we hit middle age something seems to shift.

There’s a real desire to evaluate where we are, how far we have come, how well we have done, what’s working and what’s not.

The flip side of all this navel gazing is that we all tend to focus more on what we haven’t achieved than what we have.  As women, we seem hard-wired to be incredibly hard on ourselves and mentally give more prominence to our failures than to our successes.

Another particularly female trait is to put everyone else’s needs before our own.  Sometimes this is unavoidable, but sometimes we use it as an excuse to not attempt or achieve something because deep down, we fear we may not succeed or worse still, we may succeed and feel unworthy of that success.

women over 40 stepping into their power
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Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude – A True Story

Gratitude is one of the most powerful transformers in life. Gratitude is not something that should be reserved for the big, happy, momentus moments but something, that if it becomes your default way of seeing the world will change your life beyond all recognition.

Let me ask you a question – Do you believe that you have all the power necessary to change anything in your life within you now?

Do you believe that the universe only has good intentions towards you and that the only thing that is blocking that goodness is your own thoughts – or maybe the right thoughts?

Gratitude is an expression of humility, a recognition that even before we ask – good has been given to us.

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Create a Masterplan for your life over 40

To create a master plan for your life over 40 may seem a daunting task but it may just be the best gift you ever give yourself.

Why is it that we are so often guilty of thinking that life just happens to us, that we are at the will of external influences that we have no control over?

People have been hypnotised into believing that its the stuff outside of us that makes us either happy or unhappy. It’s other people, it’s buying something new, it’s a bigger and better job, it’s a bigger or better house or car – the list is endless.

So many people today feel a sense of disillusion with their life, feelings of insignificance and being beaten down, a lack of confidence and self-belief.

If you have experienced failure or disappointment in business, in relationships and in life and the world seems to be conspiring against you and continually throwing a curve ball in your direction its time to change the script, STEP INTO YOUR POWER and create a master plan for your life over 40.